Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what i eat.

I realize I don't post my daily eats often. And to be honest, I live vicariously through other bloggers who are able to grocery shop and cook for themselves since I unfortunately cannot. I live in a dorm and I do not own a car. Even though my dorm building has an increddddible kitchen, we have provide our own cooking equipment, which I also do not own. This all sort of sounds ludicrous because I am in culinary school, but cooking in school and in accordance to the class agenda/menu is much MUCH different from the food I like to eat. Probably because I enjoy simple healthier foods.

Breakfast used to be my least favorite meal of the day in middle school. Until I realized that breakfast gives you energy! And because breakfast foods are extremely delicious. It's now my favorite meal. Even if it's small, I wake up excited about it.

I ALWAYS begin my day with coffee. BLACK + STRONG.
Starbucks French Roast
Current favorites:
Overnight oats with 1/2 soy and 1/2 water (this is 5 grain oatmeal)
Banana with peanut butter or any nut butter
If im in the mood. Oatmeal. And guess what, I like mine plain with honey.
I know, Carrie you're going to dislike this!

If im lucky, granola. I currently have a bag of granola
from Mexico my mom sent me!
During the week, I stick to the school salad bar, which I know by heart.
- spring mix, romaine or spinach
- broccoli
- cauliflower
- green peppers
- sliced fennel
- chickpeas
- sliced carrots
- sliced cucumber
- sliced red onion
- cherry tomatoes
- parmesan cheese
- croutons
- random dressings (my favorite is the balsamic)

I know that most people who'd love to have these ingredients for a salad readily available for a killer salad. And well, I am happy I get to eat this everyday.
don't be alarmed (thats sun-dried tomato vin.)

As far as snacks go....

nuts of all kinds. i do not discriminate
FRUIT. Mostly apples, bananas + the occasional pear

Is a mystery. It could be another salad or an actual meal from school. It tends to be a piece of fruit right now since we have to taste our sweets in the baking class right now. Thank god we only need to take one bite. You would be surprised but taking small bites of desserts is getting VERY old. Especially because most of them are fancy cakes and desserts that I don't like to indulge in myself. I'd much rather have chocolate, cobbler or a cookie.


The weekend:
I typically take a ziploc container and fill it with the salad bar items to have for the weekend. I also like to fill up a water bottle with soy milk. I mostly live on the same breakfasts and snacks like above. Sometimes I get lucky and get to venture out with a person who has a car for a meal!
veggie fajita nachos (split with ilana)

this is actually family meal from the restaurant I work in at school
on the weekends!
frito misto from Arielle

I don't know of any other college student who gets to eat the food I do other than my peers. Its even more interesting to see how a "healthy" eater eats at culinary school with no car. You really just have to adapt. I've figured out my routine. I still can't wait to cook up healthy meals for myself someday, but having that salad bar readily available and stocked is very very nice. 

Now excuse me, it's breakfast time. 

Did you ever live in a dorm or where in a similar situation? How did you adapt?

If not, what would you do if you were in that situation?


  1. This is a really interesting post!! I feel like I'd eat similarly in your situation- very simple meals, but plenty of rich food tastes.

    Loved the Carla Bruni reference in your last post. I think it's so comical that she's married to Sarkozy...

  2. Love reading what you eat and it's amazing how...different we both eat having gone to the same school!
    Baker AM classes (some) let us have a 15 minute break for food...I'm run to stage and order eggs benedict, extra bacon. After class was out, it was usually anything from K16 (to go and eaten in the room) and dinner was either Apple Pie (after extern) or Meds...Yes, as you counted, I had 3 meals a day with only 2 available swipes! Ha...I normally never swiped for breakfast and the k16 TA was never really noticing... ;)

  3. You're doing a good job of what you eat while you're in culinary school. When I did my program I never gained any weight which was kind of a fear of mine. I think it had to do with standing on my feet for 8 hours a day or more and constantly running around keeping busy.

  4. What an interesting article Aubrey.. Very, very proud of all that you have reading all of your articles and blogs. Makes for a good potential book????? Xxo

  5. I know that I would love to have that salad bar available to me-I would definitely be filling up there everday! :)

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