Sunday, September 07, 2014

We're Married!

Our wedding has come and gone. I have been married for over a month and boy do I love my husband and being called Mrs. O'Laskey.

We are patiently waiting for our professional wedding photos and video(ahhh), but in the meantime. Here are a few sneak peeks of our day after shoot with AnnamaePhoto and a peek at our wedding video.

O'Laskey Teaser from Mabble Media on Vimeo.

Monday, June 16, 2014

photo heavy

It's not too often that I get a chance to write a blog post. However, today I made some special time for you and I.

It's getting close, our wedding day that is. In only 47 short days, my name will become Aubrey O'Laskey. My initials will be AMO. I'm ready.
I have been checking this countdown daily, as if the time will go by faster because of it. 

Wedding planning has come along quite nicely. We've crafted, bought gifts, had my first dress fitting, decided on my hair and I am pretty much ready to walk down this aisle and cry my face off from happiness.

Many people have given me the advice to take it all in because the day will fly by. I am going to focus on that, because I am already thinking, "what will I do when I don't have a wedding to plan?"

This is our venue. We recently visited with the home owner and our wedding planner. Everything became real and it made me so EXCITED.

We made all of our nifty little signs this weekend, including our "guest book"

And for Father's Day, I bought my dad a big Salted Caramel Apple Pie. We enjoyed it so much. It was made by the same place that will be making our pies for our wedding! Levi's Pies...

With both of us working so much, it's been really important for both of us to make time for each other. On Sunday mornings we have been taking Porter on a walk to get coffee. It's my favorite part of the weekend.

We've gone out on real dates where I actually put make up on and curl my hair. 

And have gone to the beach...lake.

had to add in the fact that these new trendy bikins have to be tucked in for proper tanning. 
We recently just had one of our infamous indoor picnics. Oh, how I adore indoor picnics. Mostly because of the cheese consumption.

Working at the Thunderbird Lodge has been an amazing experience. It is by far the most beautiful place I have ever had the pleasure working at. The smell of the pines and the lake right outside my kitchen window has been utter bliss.

They even wrote an article in their magazine about me!

I also love that Tyler works with me on larger events. I am pretty positive, the ladies love him at the cooking classes. 

at the annual staff Memorial Day BBQ
Better facial expression haha....

Oh and Porter fancies the private beach entrance.

We had the pleasure of going to two weddings in the month of May too! It was so fun to see how other people invision and execute their big day. It was inspiring!

Wedding Number Two:
We don't even know these people, but we took a photo with them at one wedding!

I better get going. Until next time!

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