Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh Hi

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening All.

My blog has slowly moved to the back burner. I do believe it is the result of developing a business, planning a wedding and generally feeling like no one actually cares much about my life. I've stopped reading blogs too. In a way, I have missed it. However, it's also become a time where I no longer compare my life with anyone elses and feel quite good about my own journey.

With that being said, I miss the idea of writing my thoughts and feeling close to people throughout the world, sharing those thoughts. Instagram has become my blog. It has depicted my life as of now quite closely really.

Butter + Salt has been doing very well and we feel so lucky. We have been lucky to cook for amazing people in amazing homes with AMAZING views of Lake Tahoe. Exciting things are happening, but I can't announce it quite yet.

The wedding plans have come to a slow stop as the fun part of planning is already done. I have decided to take on the task of hand writing all of the RSVP cards and addresses for the invitations, which I may need an extra cup of coffee for.

For instance, we also tasted pies for the wedding. After the pie tasting, everything else seems boring.

I for some odd reason have become a shopper and a quite girly girl. I love shoes, getting my hair done and painting my nails. I don't hate this new found love to dip into my femininity more. Tyler doesn't mind it either!

We moved to Reno, Nevada two weeks ago. We originally wanted to buy a house... however, student loans would not allow that to happen. We moved into a nice big apartment in a beautiful area with a lot of sidewalks. We love it. Porter and the cats love it and we live close to everything.


I joined a gym nearby and am currently so excited every time to go. I love being in  a gym environment for the most part. I get so much energy from watching other people workout. It makes me work harder.

I am also loving trying all the restaurants in Reno. They're stepping up their food scene game.

I suppose that's all for a long-ish update.

I am curious if anyone visits this blog anymore. If you do and sort of miss my posts, do tell me. I might rekindle the fire.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

An Engagement with Pie

It's only natural that we would bake a pie together and center our engagement shoot around it! We are serving pie and ice cream at our wedding after all...

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