Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Research + Development: NEW YORK

Thank you everyone for your warm welcome back! So happy to hear a lot of you interested in the whole owning a business at a young age thing. Looking forward to writing more posts.

This post is dedicated to keeping up with the food trends, learning new techniques, eating out and be inspired. We call it RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT. A very important aspect of owning a business, no matter what business you may own.

Tyler and I planned our r+d trip to New York with our friends Bobby and Nicole.

Bobby had never been and Nicole was a wee one when she last visited. We had to show them our favorite spots. (Nowhere near Timesquare or Broadway).

We booked an Airbnb in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn. A perfect little area close to the A and far enough away so you could sleep without hearing sirens every 1.5 minutes.

The cutest little brownstone.

Airbnb is the way to go when traveling. If you need any tips, let us know. We became experts in the past month.

The best part about where we were staying in Bed-Stuy... PEACHES. A corner southern restaurant delivering hearty southern dishes all while playing smooth R&B music.


We mostly ate while in NY. Which is the most important part of traveling, you know.

Shake Shack......twice.


One of the days we went up North to see Tyler's old stomping grounds at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, see the CIA and even stop in to see my favorite town of Rhinebeck.
The delicious pastries at the cafe at Stone Barns
Tyler chatting with Dan Barber

Tyler and I at CIA
     I have tasted French Macarons all over the United States and France and I still believe the CIA's macarons are the best ever. The flavors are always interesting, yet subtle and the texture has any other macaron beat. Yes, better than LadurĂ©e and better than Pierre Herme

We got bagels, beer at Eataly, buns and noodles at Momofuku, a little soft serve at Milk Bar. The classics. 




I will learn to recreate the chilled pork noodles. I might attempt it in the next week. Maybe I'll even post about it. 


The cereal milk soft serve will never get old to me. No matter how many food bloggers instagram it. 

To celebrate Nicole's birthday, we ate dinner at Empellon Cocina. Tyler's friend Aron is a chef there and was the kindest to deliver a wonderful evening of super interesting dishes. 



My favorite was the Roasted Banana Ice Cream. It inspired Tyler and I to do a new dessert incorporating my favorite part of the cone. 

Highly recommended. 

Our New York trip was wonderful and inspiring, yet not over. Since we were already on the East Coast and knee deep in research and development, we booked a two week trip around France. 


Thursday, October 08, 2015

Owning A Business

Let's not spend too much time focusing on the fact that I haven't written a blog post in a handful of months.

Instead, let's talk about owning a business at the age of 25 with your husband.

Butter + Salt has been an amazing venture thus far. We started Butter + Salt as a private chef company while working other full-time jobs until one day we took the BIG GIGANTIC STEP into one-hundo-percent: Butter + Salt.

There has got to be a few of you reading who has done this or are planning on doing this and you should give yourself a big ole pat on the back. (I'll give you a second)


This February we went from a private chef company to a full service catering company too. Within two weeks we had booked five weddings and a few important large catered events and that was that. Scary, yet rewarding.

We have been working non-stop ever since and have been so so so grateful for the success that we have received.

Owning a business with your new husband is a whole other story which is turning out to be a good one. Think about taking your favorite person in the whole wide world everywhere with you, spending every moment of every day side-by-side. That's what it is like. Well, sort of.

Of course we have our moments, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

I am re-launching this blog mostly to chat about owning a business at the age of 25 (with student loans and all), married life, travels, dining experiences and everything inbetween.

Mostly though, I want to share my advice and get advice from all of you.

I have missed you (secretly weeping).


Do you own a company? What is it? What's it like? Tell me EVERYTHING

What would you hope I start writing about again? (Please don't say healthy recipes, I have been eating more pizza now-a-days and less green smoothies)


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