Monday, November 10, 2014

If You're Going to San Francisco...

Please tell me you finished the lyrics to the song after reading the title of this post?

This past weekend was an absolute blast and I'm afraid I am currently suffering from post vacation blues.

You really start to realize how much you miss spending one on one time with your significant other when you're away from the normal hustle and bustle of every day life.

Tyler and I woke up really early and headed to Yountville, California to make our 11:45am reservation at Bouchon. We actually arrived early and had time to putter about the small quaint town. Of course the first stop we made was into Bouchon Bakery for a couple of macarons...

We had so much extra time that we did a little wine tasting at Hope & Grace and bought a bottle to take home.

Lunch did not disappoint AT ALL. I had been to Bouchon for dinner twice before, but never for lunch. It was so on point and so delicious that we left with HUGE smiles on our faces from all the truffle fries and chicken liver.

I fell asleep driving into the city where we made ourselves comfy at the Stanford Court hotel. If you are looking for a decently priced hotel, DEFINITELY check them out.

After an hour of sleeping and getting showered and ready, we made our way to Churchill. A bustling bar around the Mission. We met up with Kelli and David and enjoyed a couple of nice cocktails.

After 2 hours of sipping, we headed to Bar Tartine for dinner. A very interesting combo of small plates with HUGE flavor. Besides the desserts that had virtually zero sugar and the fermented ginger drink that tasted like cheese.... it was great!

Surprisingly, we were STARVING in the morning. We stopped by Bob's Donuts for a doughnut or three along with some strong dark and black Americanos.

Oh and of course we doused our bodies in Blue Bottle. 

One of Tyler's life long goals was to eat a million oysters until he could no more. He achieved this while I munched on a super nice oyster po' boy at Hog Island Oyster in the Ferry Building. 

We walked all over the city... I wore wedges. Why? To look cute... my calves we sooore afterward too.

We got dressed up and headed to the Fairmont to attend the Bonnie J. Addario Foundation Gala.

It was  such a beautiful event and extremely moving. I felt so lucky to be apart of it. Thunderbird donated an auction item to the foundation. A dinner for eight at the Thunderbird prepared by Tyler and I! So excited to cook for the couple that bid on it. 

Seeing all of these photos makes me want to go back right this very moment. All I can do is work hard to be able to do this more often with Tyler. It really is the best. 

Where should we travel to on our next weekend getaway? 
(preferably driving distance from Reno, NV)

Thursday, November 06, 2014


Top of the morning to you all. Today is my FRIDAY. Yahooooo! Tomorrow Tyler and I are headed to Yountville and later to San Francisco for the weekend. It's a work related trip, but we are definitely making it into a weekend getaway. We have plans to have lunch at Bouchon tomorrow for lunch and later we'll be meeting up with Kelli and David to have dinner at Bar Tartine. A solid dining out weekend. 

I spotted this Survey of Emotions on a few blogs recently, and I randomly felt the desire to fill it out! 

Making: A ton of sense.
Cooking: Well I cook for a living, but at home for dinner tonight we're grilling flank steak!
Drinking: (Literally just took a sip) of a latte with two pumps of pumpkin
Reading: Is it terrible that I don't have a book that I am reading? I have had the worst luck picking them out lately. They're all boring. I am up for suggestions. 
Wanting: Someone to walk along, see how worthy I am and say "Let me pay off your student loans"!
Looking: At the bigger picture in life lately. Not to focus so much on the little details that sometimes don't matter.
Playing: with Porter and laughing when he cries and cries because his tennis ball gets stuck somewhere he can't get it. I love his little whiney noise. (I always get the ball for him)
Wasting: Money on clothes because I can't stop myself from going to TJ Maxx and picking up a few things.
Sewing: Umm... I just painted my nails. About as artistic as I've gotten lately.
Wishing: Every weekend was a three day weekend.
Enjoying: Evenings with Tyler and the animals. I love not having to do a thing but get my pj's on, eating dinner and relaxing with our zoo.
Waiting: For 6:30pm so I can get my hair cut. I can't believe I'm cutting it short again!
Liking: My workouts lately. They're so random and so energetic. I have no idea where I come up with the routines I make up in my head sometimes. 
Wondering: If the granola bar I just ate will last me until lunch. NOPE.
Loving: My body. Yep, I am happy with how strong I am and how amazing it is. Thank you body for allowing me to run with zero pain. 
Hoping: For lots and lots of snow. I want to ski and snowshoe A TON this winter.
Marveling: At the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the fall. I never took it all in growing up as I do now after living away for so long. 
Needing:  A moment when I am not stressing or thinking about my job, checking my email, worrying about a client or feeling under pressure. Just one moment. 
Smelling: Lavender oil that Tyler has been rubbing on Porter's belly. He swears my expensive Lavender from England is soothing his rash. Anything for our pup.

Wearing: Light colored jeans and a wool sweater
Following: my intuition. Like when I NEEDED beignets

Noticing: I am very hard on myself professionally. I can't handle criticism and have trouble not feeling like a failure if I make one tiny mistake. AND that I don't think twice about eating unhealthy foods like, KFC anymore. 
Knowing: My birthday is just around the corner and I will be a quarter of a century. Terrifying.
Thinking: That the granola bar I ate earlier did not sustain me until lunch...
Feeling: Like I need to take a deep breathe and accept the fact that I hate peanut butter.
Bookmarking: more like pinning. Just keep pinning, just keep pinning.
Confessing: I bought an IKEA cinnamon roll just to take two bites. It did not go to waste...Tyler ate the rest.

Opening: up about my life and what it feels like to not know what's ahead
Giggling: about my own tweets and that I am the only person that thinks I'm at all funny.
Okay, your turn. 


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